The Laird’s Promise by Cassidy K. O’Connor(Review Post)

Published June 28, 2019 by bookbesties


The Ferguson clan had always governed their land differently than most. Lady Margaret Ferguson’s twin brother, Gavin, lay on his deathbed, a plan of deception was set in motion. Appointing Margaret as the new Laird upon her brother’s death wasn’t a stretch, and her people willingly accepted her. Disguised as her brother, her clan is committed to keeping Margaret’s identity hidden from outsiders.
…None of them accounted for invites to the Kings court…
Sir Keelan MacDougall is directed to ensure the Ferguson clan’s loyalty to the King during wartime. Keelan meets both Laird Gavin and his sister, Margaret, and the resemblance is uncanny. Exhausted after days of switching back and forth between her two personas’, Margaret is torn between wanting Keelan to leave and begging him to stay…

Will the family secret damage the Clan’s future?

Will falling for Keelan expose her deception?

This is another author I discovered because will be an attending author at the Space Coast Book Lovers book signing event that your Book Besties will be attending.  I really enjoyed this Highlands romance with its strong heroine and loyal hero.  This was a fun story that kept me on my toes from the get go.  I am so happy I got to know these characters and see where their adventure would lead them.

Upon the death of her twin brother, Lady Margaret Ferguson secretly takes over the role of Laird of Clan Ferguson.  In order to maintain her ruse she stays far away from court functions and that makes the King question the loyalty of her clan.  Sir Keelan MacDougall has been sent to the Highlands by the king to insure the loyalty of his subjects.  Upon arrival he gets to know the Laird and “his” sister but never at the same time.  Will he figure out the deception and tell the King or will he become Lair Ferguson’s biggest champion?

I really hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!





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