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Who we are:

Vonetta: Admin

I wear many hats! BB is my blog child I started 2013 simply because I love books. I’m a single mom, freelance writer(in my spare time) and sarcasm expert(unofficial) who loves to read books of all kinds. I have and will read all things from Erotica, PNR, YA, NA and Romance. I have a weakness for Bad boy/Biker/ accidentally baby stores and if it’s all rolled into one? GOLD! What I tend to shy away from are Historical romances, and step- romances(I.e stepbrother and or step father), but other than that I’ll read it!

Damaris: Reviewer

I am a mother of four and a total Soccer/Football/cheer mom and I find that reading is a wonderful pastime to relax! I read anything but my specialties are contemporary romance/ erotica and am SUCKER for second chance and sports romances! I’ve only been reviewing for about a year but find that I love getting to read so many new to me authors and that normally I wouldn’t have known about without blogging!

Heather: Reviewer

So… about me…. wow, that’s a lot of pressure!  Ok, I am a mother of two absolutely amazing children. They surprise me with something new everyday (not always in a good way) and this coupled with my husband for the last 10 years… yep, I read.
I read avidly, fanatically, enthusiastically, and repeatedly.  I love fantasy and paranormal books; if they are paranormal romance, all the better! Most of the best things I have learned and used in life I’ve gotten from my books.
I love the books that draw me in and entice me to read sequels, prequels, and them over and over again. I feel the biggest compliment a reader can give is if they are raring and willing to read a book again; you know besides purchasing and reviewing for the world to know they beauty of them, so bring on the books!!!

Danielle: Reviewer

Since childhood I have been an avid reader.  For me reading has always been my escape from the stress of life.  I love the excitement of getting hooked on a series and the anticipation that awaits the release of each new continuation.
   I will read anything romance, but my favorite titles and authors all seem to fall under historical romance (#1 book of all time: Gone With The Wind. #1 author:Virginia Henley) or paranormal/fantasy romance (#1 author: Maggie Shayne).
    Because I read a lot of historical romance I am pretty patient with authors and I will typically finish a book once I start it even if it takes me a while to connect with the characters or the story in general. However, just because I finish a book doesn’t mean I liked it, I try to be fair in my reviews but above that I will be honest about my opinions and hope they will inspire some else to enjoy the book.

We want your books!

****Note: Once we agree to do a review, unless there is a timestamp it will be done within a 2-3 week period. Unfortunately books with deadlines take precedence.  Not all books requested can be read(sorry guys) if we are able and ready one of us will contact you back about your request! -The BB Squad*******

So if you have something you want us to review, send us an email addressed to the name of the reviewer who you want to review your book at contact@bookbesties(dot)com. Once we agree, we will contact you with specifics(i.e release date or part of a tour)

**If for some reason the email address kicks back, just find us on FB!*****
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