The Assist by Rebecca Jenshak(Review Post)

Published June 26, 2019 by bookbesties


You know those stories where the smart girl tutors the dumb jock? This isn’t it.

What’s the probability of insulting the one guy on campus I need to help me pass statistics? If I knew, I wouldn’t be standing in front of Wes Reynolds begging him to tutor me.

Basketball player, sexy, arrogant, always sleeping through class… these are the things I knew about him. What I didn’t know is that he is a seriously smart jock.

What’s the best way to get rid of the peppy and unrelenting girl that keeps asking me to tutor her? If I knew, I wouldn’t be staring at her tan legs and attempting to teach her statistics.

Sorority girl, fine as f**k, determined, ball buster… these are the things I knew about her. What I didn’t know is that she is all the things I didn’t realize I wanted or needed.

Or that one semester with her would change everything.


Wes is Valleys basketball star and Blair is you college sorority girl who seems to be struggling in Statistics. She wonders how is it that the jock who sleeps in class , just got a big fat ‘A’ and here she is with a big flop on her test. She reaches out to the jocks thinking if she could get her hands on their tutor she can get what she needs for the MBA program but little does she know that Wes is the secret weapon.

So he is sexy with basketball skills and smart. Blair wins Wes tutoring skills and things get complicated from there. Can she get the grade she needs? What happens when the attraction sparks and will they give in and if so can Wes be serious? Can’t spoil what happens but this is a great read.
Ok so this is a new author to me but it was a sports romance so I said hey why not! First the cover is a win, second it’s a Sports Romance and third the characters are great. The setting is in college senior year and when the college romances are written well me as a 40 year old can enjoy lol. Wes is a bit cocky but he is smart. He goes through some struggles dealing with an injury and then a pesky ex of Blairs but he is refreshing. Then there is Blair ,which I was digging the name, she has some struggles with again that pesky ex but I like that in the beginning she wasn’t all over heart eyes for Wes. The romance simmered a bit before she started falling and gave Wes a little run for his money. Interested to see what happens with the other characters.

stars 4





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