Character interview (Law) from M.A. De Olmos Ocean’s Submerged

Published April 15, 2014 by bookbesties

Well  we have read from Liv, Law was kind enough to stop by the blog and bring a little fun to it after yesterday’s semi heavy convoy. Law had me in stitches and blushing which is hard on me!  check it out and Don’t forget tomorrow is the last day with the one and only Ocean(my umpteenth book boyfriend), his interview is…intense like he is.(Swoon)

Lawrence Hawthorne

So law, we all know your feelings for Livie, but when did they change from potential lover to sister?

Who said she’s still not a potential lover?  Wait…shit is Ocean around, because he’s such a drag queen when I joke around like this. Okay, so back on track. Well I don’t think I can really explain it. When I first saw her, I saw what was on the outside first and that a fine ass exotic and sexy as all hell woman. Shit Blue’s going to hand my balls to me for that one. But when I looked into her eyes, all that pain, all that sorrow, it kind of shifted all the feelings I had on first laying eyes on her. Like I said hard to answer, buuutttt, definitely still could have gotten her first if I wanted to. 🙂

 Do you ever regret not making the first move?

Me, hell yeah! All the time. It was hard watching Sunshine and Ocean fall in love while getting through their shit. I wasn’t all that jealous, it just made me feel alone. I was realizing that I needed something like Sunshine in my life… I needed my own anchor. But you can definitely say good things come to those who wait, and when I come, I mean come.

(Slight blushing). Uumm, I’ve heard from a reliable source that between you and Ocean, you would come out on top is that true?

Let’s get this cleared up before hybrid Rambo busts through the door. Yeah the ass-hat broke my nose, twice… and we all know that’s my signature move, the nose breaking and shit. But Ocean fights with his emotions while I fight with passion. So to answer your question there’s no competition…Ocean would get his ass handed to him and he knows it. Psst, hey, you mind telling me if Ocean is  around? Sunshine stop laughing! I’m not scared alright…just need to know from which direction the troll is going to attack from!

 LOL Sure, Moving on, you in Ocean seem pretty comfortable enough with each other to do certain things, so have you guys ever shared a woman?

Whhaatttt! Back in the day we used to toss girls to each other like salad. We were and are by no means shy. The only difference between then and now is that I’ve finally got my goddess and he has his. We don’t touch what’s not ours anymore but between us, Ocean and I get kicks out of seeing who can make them scream louder. And if we just so happen to get started in the same room, well, that shit is just fucking amazing.

Is it hot in here? No. just me? (fan’s herself). OK what’s a song that describes you and Livie’s relationship? You and Ocean?  And you and Blue?

Sunshine has taught me a lot about tying emotions to music, so for her Bruno Mars, Count of Me still sticks. For my Blue, the woman who holds my everything in the palm of her wicked hands, I dedicate Hunter Haye’s, Crazy. I really don’t feel all that comfortable dedication a song to Ocean so let’s just say that he falls into the musical variety of Barney and the Sesame Street theme song, fuck that Mister Rogers sounds more like it. HAHAHAH! Oh shit!!!! Wait don’t open the door. Dammit Blue!

The interview was abruptly cut short as Ocean came in, we will get to his interview tomorrow, right now I’m going to watch these two chase each other around like monkeys. Fine, chiseled monkey’s that is. want more of these guys?( Amazon buy links are embedded into the pictures).

Oceans Collide (The Oceans Trilogy)

ocean sub

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