Character Interview(Ocean)From M.A. De Olmos’s Ocean’s Submerged

Published April 16, 2014 by bookbesties

So after watching Law and Ocean act like seventeen year old’s I kicked out Law and sat across from this devastatingly sexy (albeit brooding) man and asked him some shit.

Ocean Hawthorn

So Ocean you have a whole 3 book arc to tell your story and I think readers(this one included) fall in love with you a little bit more each time. but you don’t seem like the ‘Fans’ type man am i right?
Once upon a time you might say I was the ‘Fans Man’, but as you’ve learned a lot has happened since those days. It’s nice, though, having your story appreciated by others even with the constant darkness clouding my life. 
I think most of us know how you feel about Livie, but if she were say with someone else and you knew she was for you, would you steal her away?
Let me put it to you like this. If the earth needs the sun to sustain its life on earth and all of a sudden the sun gravitated to another planet providing it with light and everything else our sun signifies for us… don’t you think earth would take off after it’s light? And the answer should be yes, if I’ve lost you, because if Livie ever strayed away from me, it wouldn’t matter. I’d do whatever it takes to get her back. She’s my light now that I’ve found her There’s just no turning back from that. Fuck that sounded too much like Law!
 Holy Shit that was DEEP. I loved it. So, What can you tell us that’s to come for the last of your story?
(Smirks) I definitely still have a shitload of growing up to do. It gets uglier before I see the ‘bigger picture’ of things and my life. I am however a fighter–not just in the ring but a fighter at heart. So, let’s just say that things do happen for a reason, no matter how fucked up the situation is…it just always works out.
OK that seems..hopeful. Now, serious question, how do you think you would have reacted if Liv has not made it?
(Looks me dead the eye and without blinking) Simple– I wouldn’t be here answering this question. No Livie no me. Simple.
(Trying to recover from the seriousness of his reply) Law think’s he can take you, what do you think? Ha! is this even a real question? Did he beg you to ask me this? I don’t think, I’d kick his ass into next month and he knows it. Yeah he’s good…damn good, but I’m better.
Well that was, insightful. Thanks so much Ocean, i won’t keep you any ,longer. He get’s up and with a nod is out the door. I want to thank Melissa and Live, Law and Ocean for taking time out and giving these interviews, if If i may have had more fun than they did! You guys are awesome!
Want more of Ocean’s brooding and Law, LIvie and Blue?
  ocean sub                                    Oceans Collide (The Oceans Trilogy)
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