Ocean’s Submerged by M.A. DeOlmos Character Interview

Published April 14, 2014 by bookbesties

After that shocking and sad ending of Ocean’s Collide I was able to catch up to Livie and see how she is doing, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for my interview with Law and enter to win your own copy of O.S!

Character interview:

Liv, What can say? When we last saw you , you made a pretty big life altering decision, how are you now?
Well–uh, I can’t say that I’m great and everything is peachy…but, I guess I’m doing okay. I have of work to do on myself and a lot of trust to repair with Law and Ocean, along with everyone else I hurt. It’s not easy I can tell you that, but I’m a fighter. I”m going to fight.
When you first meet Ocean, did you think he was ‘The one?’ or just someone to spend time with?
Honestly when I first set eyes on that sexy beast, I knew i was screwed. I definitely didn’t get the love butterflies fluttering inside my stomach. What I got was…a threat. Within seconds of being around him and looking him in the eye, I just knew my secret was no longer safe. I don’t regret ever meeting him because he’s my everything now, but it was a scary acceptance.
If you had to choose, in a fight between Law and Ocean, who would you cheer for?
Oh, I would most definitely root for Law. Who wouldn’t! They are both fierce excellent fighters but Law fights with a passion I’ve never seen before. Ocean fights to conquer and he’s too calculated and calm if you ask me. And anything to toy with Ocean, especially rooting for his cousin is more than fun for me.
You and Ocean have a pretty intense few scenes in O.S, One in particular stuck out involving Ocean, You, Law and ****, what made THAT happen?
Yeah, that–was not supposed to happen. I’ve never made out with anyone let alone in the presence of others. Especially people i knew! A little secret though–it was the most erotic, sexiest and wildest things I’ve ever done. Ocean has completely corrupted me and I would do it again in a heartbeat. But don’t tell him that.
One song that would encompass your time with Ocean?
At the moment when I think of my relationship with Ocean there is actually one song that calls to me. That song is, Before the Worst, by The Script. I can’t take back what I’ve done or the pain I’ve caused him, but I could go back to before my worst, I would.
Thanks so Much Livie for stopping by, I know you are busy, especially with unexpected guest. Stay strong girl and tell Ocean he has a not so secret admire. 🙂
Read more of Liv’s struggle In Ocean Submerged Out now!
ocean sub
Twenty-seven year old Ocean Hawthorne thought he’d known loss and pain when his twin sister Stormie died. It was his fault the world would no longer see her beautiful smile or hear her captivating laughter. The former world champion in the vicious world of MMA fighting thought he’d been through the worst and has now carried that guilt and pain with him since. Then he met Livie Acosta. 

The moment he laid his eyes on the exotic beauty, he was hooked. In that split second of looking into her wild and hurt eyes, his heart began to beat again. He knew then that he would never be able to let her go… but was that the right thing for him to do? Because yet again, Ocean found himself surrounded by a familiar darkness, a pain so strong that even breathing hurt, and living felt impossible. He’d pushed too far in the effort to love and help her, and now… now he didn’t know if he’d ever see her again. Lawrence Hawthorne has been through the ringer when it came to hurt and disappointment, but nothing could have prepared him for the possibility of losing Livie. 

He’d just found her and now—well, now he didn’t know what to think. To him, Livie was more than just a girl, more than just a friend. To Law, Livie was someone he needed to help and protect, even from herself, and he’d failed that simple task. Will the Hawthorne cousins who have sworn to protect Livie survive her selfish act, or will they crumble, yet again?

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