What would Ella James Love Inc. name be? ( Author interview plus giveaway!)

Published June 14, 2013 by bookbesties

Selling Scarlett Blog Tour

Yay! As part of the Selling Scarlett Blog Tour I was pleased to have an interview with Ella. I love another interviews because it always gives you a chance to see into their world, plus I was really curious about if she did any..ahem.. hands on research as far as the accuracy of the brothel life, and what her name would be if she worked at Love Inc. Read on to find out her answer and more, you can also enter for your chance to win a signed copy of Selling Scarlett!

What inspired you most in writing this book prostitution or sex slavery, as I noticed the major underlying theme was the selling of bodies.

I think both are really interesting, especially the question of whether it’s moral for a woman to choose to sell her body. Also whether it’s possible for a woman to make a “sound” decision to sell her body and not end up either trapped or degraded by the experience of doing so. Is it ever possible for a completely empowered, non-desperate woman to decide to sell her body, just because she needs money and doesn’t mind sex with strangers? I don’t know…but I think since we live in a country where prostitution is legal, at least in some places, it’s worth thinking about. I think sex slavery came into the picture because it’s the exact opposite of willful prostitution. A sex slave makes no choices and has no rights. Sex slavery will play a bigger part in the second book in the Love Inc. series, the one about Cross Carlson, Elizabeth DeVille’s friend.

Did you have to do extensive research (i.e visit) any actual brothels or was it all purely based on a wonderful imagination?

Well, wonderful or not, it was based on my imagination. 😉 I’ve actually never been to Vegas – only driven through on a road trip. I tried to imagine the utopia of brothels and write it, just to see if I could create a place where woman had choices and were partial stakeholders in the brothel, and the prostitution didn’t seem quite as dirty as people usually think it is. I loved seeing feedback from readers in Amazon reviews. I’ve seen everything from “I want to be a prostitute at Love Inc.” to “it’s not realistic”.

Will we see more of Hunter and Libby in the next Love Inc. book?

We will. They are not the focal point of the story – Cross and his heroine are –  but Libby shows up at Cross’s bike shop in the first 25 or so pages and of course, Libby and Hunter are getting married, so yeah…we’ll definitely see more of them. In fact, Libby has a big secret she’s keeping! You’ll find out. 😉 If you follow my whole blog tour, it’s revealed (or strongly hinted at) in another Q&A. 

I absolutely loved Loveless, any chance she or any of the other girls inside the Love Inc. house will get their own book as well?

There IS a chance. 🙂 Right now I’ve only planned three books, but I could see myself maybe writing more. I’m trying to keep my schedule flexible.

And just for kicks, if you worked at Love Inc., what would be YOUR  Love Inc. name?

Hmmm… I think I may use the old cat + mother’s maiden name and go with Cinnamon Dalon. I think it works!

Cinnamon Dalon, I LOOOVE IT! Thank you so much and I really enjoyed this book. You can read the review I did yesterday here.

About the Book

Selling Scarlett

Elizabeth DeVille doesn’t belong at a party like this—one where the gowns cost more than her Camry and cigars run higher than her grad school utility bills. Dragged out of seclusion by her best friend Suri, Elizabeth is merely playing dress-up, rubbing elbows with a crowd that banished her troubled family years ago.

Hunter West is tired. Tired of parties, tired of pretending, and tired of trying to right a wrong that haunts him every day. Bourbon heir and professional poker player by day, by night Hunter is gambling with his life in a high-stakes game of crime and blackmail.

When Elizabeth stumbles into Hunter’s den of vices, she’s a light in the darkness, a flame in the void. And, just like everything he touches, Hunter mars her in a record time. To rectify the damage done, Elizabeth needs money she doesn’t have, and she’s come up with a foolproof way to get it.

Follow Elizabeth—code-named Scarlett—to the lush Nevada brothel where she’ll auction her virginity and risk the only thing that’s not for sale: her heart. The highest bidder is a familiar face, with wicked hands and the devil’s mouth. And a secret so dark that it could cost her life.





About Ella 

I’m a 20-something sci-fi nerd with a journalism degree and a serious York Peppermint Pattie addiction. I spend my days baby-wrangling and dog-chasing and my nights tapping on my laptop and hanging out with my writer/editor husband. A fun day for me involves lots of writing, running, and researching topped off with some quality Kindle time. My life’s goal is to find an empty cottage in an enchanted forest, install a solar panel for my laptop, and move in – never to be seen again, except in sweatpants.






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