Selling Scarlett by Ella James

Published June 13, 2013 by bookbesties

Selling Scarlett

I first saw this book on the Amazon $.99 cent list and read the description and thought it sounded interesting. Then I found out they were having a blog tour for it and I was that much more excited to read it.

Selling Scarlett surprised me because it wasn’t what I expected, but in a good way. Elizabeth Deville is the bottled water princess who is broke. The ‘poor girl’ among her friends after years of her mom going in and out of rehab or ‘spa’s’ and her dad remarrying and leaving her to fend for herself, Elizabeth (Libby) is just trying to make it. She lives with her best friend Suri in her mansion and lets her other best friend Cross live in her old house that her and her family once shared. Libby is average, in the glitzy world she lives in most people know her or her name. Libby has harbored a crush on the most unattainable person she can think of, professional poker player and son of the Secretary of State; Hunter West. After having a very spontaneous and WTF just-happened moment with Hunter at a party Libby thinks maybe her crush is both sided. That is until she catches him with local porn star Priscilla Heat, and the things they were doing just, well… Libby wouldn’t know about those things because she still holds her V-card,  and rather shamefully too.

Hunter West, he has more money than he know’s what to do with and his best  friend runs the most successful brothel in Vegas, Love Inc. But Hunter, like every rich hot guy, has secrets and trouble  that  starts with a capital P. As in Priscilla Heat. Talk about things that make you cringe. If you look at her she makes you feel like you have to take a shower for a year.

After Libby makes a bold decision concerning one of her friends, she has to now come up with money in a big way. Thinking of nothing else she has of value, Libby decides to auction off the one thing that most men would pay greatly for, her virginity.

Libby thinks it’s no big deal, the reason behind why she is doing it is no big deal, she’s doesn’t need it and secretly she thinks it will help her get over her unrealistic crush with Hunter West and move on, it’s just Sex, right?  Guess who is the highest bidder? Yup Mr. West, whom better to give her virginity to than her secret crush right? As long as her heart doesn’t get involved. With so many secrets and lies and whips(yea, you read right) Libby may not even get the chance to actually lose her virginity.

I liked that the book was in dual POV’s because I liked being in Hunter’s head and seeing why he was the way he was, I would have liked more of his side though on certain scenes.  Ella did a great job in having me really hate the characters that needed to be hated and also making the ‘Escorts’ likable. She painted a picture of , ‘sure we sleep with people for money, but we are classy with it’ picture.

I loved the interactions at Love Inc, and I was sad to see that their part of the book was coming to an end. I thought the book had it all, it defiantly had the mystery/drama of it down as well as the romance, the sex scenes we racy but not over the top, I mean there was a chunk of this book that took place in a brothel for crying out loud, it could have gone there. The ending felt a little rushed for me and I would have liked there to have been an epilogue, but there is another Love Inc. book so maybe my questions will be answered in that one. I still really enjoyed the book and now have the strange urge to visit a brothel.

4 out of 5 star


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