Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines

Published June 11, 2013 by bookbesties

Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3)

After first reading the story of Rush and Blair I, like most was hooked from the moment Blair pulled a gun on Grant.  So when Never Too Far came out I, like most was left frustrated and wanting more because it seemed to lack that HEA feel and too many open-ended questions. Well let it never be said that the authors don’t listen to the readers because we the readers pretty much begged Abbi to finish the story of Rush and Blair, and thus Forever Too Far….

If you have not read the previous two books STOP RIGHT NOW, while their review does not contain spoilers for this actual book it does contain some from the previous two.  I was super excited to see how this story was going to play out, was Blair still going to be pregnant, where they already going to be married? Who would be causing them hell this time around? So I was  happy when I found that Blair was still pregnant and the book really picks up a few weeks after the last left off. Rush and Blair are still not married yet, but yay! That means a wedding! I loved this book because to ME, it was all about the romance and less about the sex. There is sex but it wasn’t as focused on as the romance which gets me every time.

I loved how you saw the slight changes in Rush and Blair from the first book to this one where they are engaged and starting a family. I loved the interactions with Dean, Rush’s father and the whole Slacker Demon’s rock star life? Dean and Kiro need to have their own reality T.V show! Kiro alone is a piece of work. I loved that Blair’s gun still made an appearance, letting us not forget where she came from.

“”Cause right now you’re looking at a women with a loaded gun who can hit a moving target. So please…bring. It. On.”

But the one who takes the cake and is STILL trying to steal everyone’s thunder is the evil bitch sister NAN! The things she pulls in this book, I can’t believe no-one has formed together to take this bitch down! All for attention and love? I had a sliver of hope for her (silly me) that she would change towards the end but nope. A zebra can’t change its strips. She was probably my least favorite part of the book.There was one other part that I felt could have been left out as it didn’t really have a point or anything to do with the plot other than to move it on, unless it’s meant to come up again in another Sea Breeze series which it may.

The parts that I abso-fraeking-loutley loved and screamed like a teenager over?

The ‘special appearances’ made by Della,  Woods and Grant. Obviously Grant would be in the book , he is Rush’s brother, but I was so stoked when Della and Woods from Twisted Perfection where in it because aside from the Too Far series, TP is my favorite Abbi G book. I also LOVED that Abbi did a song tie in with the book, we all know that there is a wedding, there is also a song that goes with it. I listened to it at the same time it showed up in the book (totally recommend). You can buy it on iTunes for $0.99 here.

The book  totally had its’ “awww , that’s so sweet” moments and also some moments that were more like

my candy love | Tumblr

I felt this book was the perfect ending for this series and this couple.

4 out of 5 stars


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