Act Like You Love Me By Cindi Madsen

Published June 10, 2013 by bookbesties


I was a little hesitant about reading this book, because I have been in a New Adult zone for the past year and was afraid my mind was not going to give it the fair chance it deserved. I’m so glad I did! This was quite an enjoyable book!

So ladies how many of you haven’t told a little white lie about yourself, or omitted the truth when either dating or getting to know a guy? Come on fess up we all have done it…I know I have it’s what intrigued me about this book so much because Brynn just does what we all wish we could do or have done at some point in our lives!

Brynn is an actress and also a self-proclaimed weirdo who quotes lines from plays and love Love and epically tragic love stories. But in high school Brynn was the weird theater geek girl who had a humongous crush on the star of the football team, Sawyer Reins who did know she was alive.

Until one day she decides to ask him out in a rare form of bravery and he shattered all her hopes in the span of seconds. The what happens later in high school only adds insult to injury. Flash forward to a few years later and a make over, Brynn out of college and  running her families bait and tackle shop with her brother is staring in the locale play in her town when their director has to quite and is replaced by none other than.. you guessed it Sawyer Reins. Only he has no clue who she is. But Byrnn still feels the hurt and resentment from all those years ago. Despite her best efforts though she can’t help but be still attracted to him, I mean he was her crush for a reason, and it doesn’t help that he is showing her more interest than a professional one either.

Deciding not to tell him who she really is she decided to one little white lie go, whats the big deal right? But when hearts get involved and the more lies get tangle then what? When the story unfolds of what happened to Brynn in highschool I was very

I couldn’t imagine something like that happening to me in high-school, even though my high-school experience was very  normal, I felt so very bad for Brynn. Then people KEPT bringing it up! I was screaming shut up for her! Cindi did a great job at make me feel Brynn’s pain and the reasons behind her actions, I connected way more with Brynn than I did with Sawyer, even though I understood his actions as well. Brynn is  read-between-the-lines funny (the kind I love) and I couldn’t wait to hear what came out of her mouth! Sawyer was a little hard for me connect with, I would have like to hear more of his side, even though it alternated it was more from Brynn’s side.

I love Cindi’s writing style and after reading this I am definitely going to go and read about Wes and Danni’s story!

4 out of 5 Stars


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