Honor Student(Honor #1) by Teresa Mummert

Published June 9, 2013 by bookbesties

Honor Student (Honor, #1)

If you are like me then once you read a great book by an author then you go back and see if that author has any more books out right? Well if not It’s something I do, so this is what I did after reading Safe Word. I went to see what other books Teresa Mummert had out and I found the “Honor Series”, starting with Honor Student. Now I am not one to take into account negative reviews because books are like shoes, they just don’t fit everyone, so I ignored all the one star reviews and went ahead and got the book anyway but on audiobook cause I figure what the hell right? This book comes with a warning, it’s about BDSM and explicit sex and a teacher/student or Dom/sub relationship.

19% into the book and I was like what the  BLEEP just happened, like seriously? I was all..I don’t even know

I didn’t get how it went from very cool calm and collect to straight into WTF land in 2 seconds flat.  Let’s start with the things I didn’t get/like: Emma the MC, is supposed to be in college but it seems more like high school the way things are, I don’t remember having to sign in at college because you are late. Then there was the first “punishment”, given by Mr. Honor the Dom/teacher.  If that had happened to me, asking for it or not it still would have been the biggest WTF moment of my life and to have it happen at school? What if someone came in with a question? Talk about awkward!

The story line was dangerously close to another book series about a Dom and his sub and a tie…. It seemed like pieces were thrown in to make it flow, but it just didn’t quite make it. Maybe it was the narration (the narration will make it or break it) and It didn’t really sell it as believable when Mr. Honor just busted out with the “I Love You”, I was like really, REALLY?

What I did like was Teresa did do a really good job (in my opinion) of making Emma a loner and coming across and vulnerable and naïve. I also liked how Emma sort of grew a pair in the end with a few certain situations. I can see the series getting better, especially since the net book is told from Mr. Honor’s POV and maybe that will help me warm up to him a little more. I defiantly would not give it one star, but I do want to read the next in the series to see if it gets better.

2 out of 4 stars


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