Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published June 6, 2013 by bookbesties


Obsession (Arum, #1)

JLA has done it again bringing us a story that wraps you up from beginning to end and keeps you wanting more! If you are a fan of  the Luxen world then you know that this book from the Luxen world but told from an Arum POV, and not just nay Arum, it’s from Hunter, one of the most powerful and hottest of his kind. Kinda like another alien we know and love, who makes a very small appearance(sqee).

Hunter is basically going through life as the DOD’s bitch boy, being the arrogant and cocky bastard that he is until his latest assignment is forced upon him.  Serena Cross witnessed her best friend murdered by none other than our beloved Luxen who are the actual bad guys in this novel! I know! We see a whole new evil side to them.


Hunter hates that he has been given the task to basically babysit, and a human none the less. But as long as he gets to feed off some Luxen he’s good. Now while this novel takes place in the teenagery Luxen world, this is soooooo not a teenage  novel, this novel was for ADULTS only! Yeeeeea.

I had such mixed feeling going into this novel because if you are familiar with the Luxen world then you known that the Arum are this evil smoky icky Aliens who are just gross.


So when I was introduced to Hot as hell and sexy to boot Hunter, I was very pleased.  I actually started to like his smart ass mouth and ways

“God, you’re so bossy.”

“You liked it when I told you to spread you’re legs for me.”

Yea that’s Hunter, all arrogance and non apologetic. and as I watched his hard exterior melt for Serena in more ways than one, I began to LOVE him! I surprisingly began to have ill feelings towards my beloved Luxen! But it’s the character and actions of one Alien not the whole race, same goes now for the Arum.  If you have never read a J.Lyn book you should totally start with this one, even though it’s under JLA this is totes J.Lyn.  I thought it was the perfect amount of steamy and Paranormal.   I found myself wondering what would happen if a  certain Luxen we  love came head to head with Hunter who would win, and I hope I would never have to find out. I may be totally biased because I am a huge fan of JLA and she could write an instruction manual and I would give her a five start review but I loved this book so hard and it was unputdownable.

5 out of 5 stars


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