Wide Awake FUN!!!! Blog Tour

Published April 1, 2013 by bookbesties

Blog Tour Burtton


It being the first of the month, I just wanted to touch base and remind everyone about the post I did concerning the blog tour about two weeks ago. It starts the 13th and will run until the 20th of April and each site will host a giveaway of the book, so If no one wins the book on this site, which it’s looking pretty slim! (hint, hint) then you can always go over to the other sites and  enter for your chance to win.

I will post the links daily so, if you don’t follow me then you better do it now, Like now.

Here is the schedule and links for the sites participating in the tour. While most are reviews, some are fun things(like the dream cast) and interviews with Shelly herself!

Be sure to check back with us as the day grows closer!

I may extend the contest for the giveaway for  the e-book. we shall see. (cue evil laugh)

April 13th
*Lila Felix (Dream Cast)
*I Read Indie (Review)

April 14th
*A Diary of a Book Addict (Review)
*Always YA at Heart (Review)

April 15th
*Book Nerds Across America (Review)
*Reality Bites! Let’s Get Lost!! (Review)
*RK Ryals (Excerpt)

April 16th
*Book Crazy (Review)
*Jenna’s Junction (Review)
*Brianna Lee Book Reviews (Review)
*If These Boobs Could Talk (Review)

April 17th
*BookBesties (Review)
*Belle of the Books (Review)
*The Alternative Kryptonite (Review/Interview)

April 18th
*From the desk of . . . R.E. Hargrave (Excerpt)
*Please Another Book (Review)
*The Book Cafe (Review)

April 19th
*To Be Thode (Review)
*A Book and a Latte (Interview)
*WhirlWindBooks (Review)

April 20th
*One Stop Indie Shop (Review)
*Buffy’s Ramblings (Review)


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