Travis Maddox, Come to Mama!

Published April 1, 2013 by bookbesties

I have been dying slowly since Jamie McGuire has said that she was writing Beautiful Disaster from Travis’s POV (Walking Disaster)and then set it’s release date the day after Travis’s birthday(April 2nd). Well the wait is finally, finally over!! Tomorrow, or tonight rather at midnight(for those that have a e-reader and pre-ordered)Walking Disaster will be be a dream no more!


If you still haven’t caught on to the EPICNESS that is Beautiful Disaster you have like 11 hours to read it before Walking Disaster is released. But worry not, you can always add it to your TBR pile, as long as it’s like, at the top of your pile.  Trust me you will looove you some Travis, he makes you


You can still pre-order Walking Disaster Here and get Beautiful Disaster Here

Look for my review(non-spoilery) on WD later this week.




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