Everything was EVERYTHING

Published March 31, 2013 by bookbesties


When I got this book I was all types of what is this book about really? The title says everything so I was not sure if I was ready to read about EVERYTHING. I mean, I did not have an eternity to read everything.


 Actually I found this book very interesting. In Everything, a novel by Jeri Williams we find the main character Dacey Harper, a 22 year college student with her HOT AS HELL Boyfriend. Wait till you read his description I mean “HELLO”.

 Dacey has her family, a father who does not even show any emotions for her, her step mom who practically raised her as her own, Aria, her step sister an over the top over caffeinated 18 year  old that has come to love Dacey as her own sister and her crazy aunt Opal. I found aunt Opal to be more hilarious than Americas Funniest Home Videos. I found myself having to take myself off the floor from laughing too hard.

  Her Latina best friend Justina, who really should be ADOBO because she is so spicy and another smart ass just like me, not be upstaged by her aunt and Justina, Dacey is a quick tongue and check kind of girl aka (Sarcasm is her friend).

 While reading this book you may find yourself like me, laughing but getting emotionally attached to the characters Jeri has given to us. Dacey finds her whole world turning upside down and some hardship along the way.  With one phone call her life as she knows changes in the blink of an eye. Her family and friends show their true colors when it all hits the fan.

Will you find yourself engulfed in the life of Dacey Harper like I did? I think you will. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I look forward to the follow up book ANYTHING coming soon. I think this was a great debut book for Jeri Williams, this being her first published novel. I expect many more to come and many laughs and roller coaster rides for the characters.

Soto Out


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