Published March 29, 2013 by bookbesties

Free copy of hopeless!

Colleen Hoover

HOPELESS has just hit 5,000 reviews on Amazon!  After only three months of release, that’s freaking amazing.  Thank you so much to everyone who decided to leave a review after reading that book.

It also got me to thinking about how I heard once that 1% of readers actually take the time to review books.  5,000 readers is 1% of 500,000 people!  So I checked and sure enough, Hopeless has just surpassed half a million ebooks in worldwide sales.  Half a million people have read that book!


A freaking.



That’s a lot of people.  More people than I know or will ever know or will ever meet.  You would have to meet half a person a day for a million days to meet half a million people. That’s like 125,000 whole puppies cut into fourths. That’s like the population of Las Vegas.  Or Sacramento.  It’s like if…

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