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Wide Awake Blog Tour/Free Book!

Published April 13, 2013 by bookbesties

Blog Tour Burtton

It’s Finally here!! The official start of the Wide Awake Blog tour, hosted by I Read Indie!In case you haven’t heard the news this week Shelly has announced that not only has Wide Awake made it to number 21 on the NY times Best Sellers list (YAY!) but she will also be doing a second book called Wide Open which tells Milo story!  How awesome is that?! You can add Wide Open to Goodreads here. Head on over to the first stop on the blog tour to find out who the dream cast would be. Each site will be hosting a giveaway of some kind for the book, go a and visit for your chance to win! For this site all you have to do is like our FB page here and we will choose a winner at random on the 21st. That’s it!

If you still haven’t read Wide Awake, what are you waiting for?! Go grab a copy Now and follow the tour for our review!

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April 20th
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Evil Star

Published April 12, 2013 by bookbesties

Evil Star (The Gatekeepers, #2)

So after the events at Raven’s Gate Matt Realizes he is a gatekeeper, one of the Five and has some power in him he was not aware of before.

I say that as I am singing “Power” From Snap “it’s getting it’s getting kinda hectic”



Matt goes to a new school funded by the Nexus (formed to fight the old ones) so the good guys… or are they? The Nexus job is to protect Matthew and the Gatekeepers. The Nexus ask Matt to help them stop a second gate from being opened by acquiring an old diary.  Matt says no he is done with it and then it hits the FAN.  Matt must not realize now that he has some power people will be coming after him, and by people I mean the old ones.

Well Matt finds people around him falling under the influence of dark magic and agrees to get the diary and stop the gate from opening. Matt leaves with Richard Cole the journalist who saved his life from Raven’s gate but on this journey Matt finds another Gatekeeper. Wonder twin powers activate right.

 photo wonder-twin-powers-activate_o_GIFSoupcom.gif


This new comer Pedro only speaks Spanish and Matt only speaks English, but they do find a way to communicate. Now these two have to put their differences aside and join up and kick some old ones tale! They find themselves going to the Nazca desert where they  finds that they need help, more than they can handle, so Pedro uses a life line and calls in his people; the Inca Indians. It is on like Donkey Kong!

In this book we find some Precognition, Psycokinesis(moving thing with your mind), Radiesthesia(cleansing your aura/ healing), and Astral Projection. What What!

OMG When they say the power of five they were not messing around(sorry for the big power words; Google them). This book had a lot of twist an turns as Mr. Horowitz always delivers.

Great character development, great villains, and great power.

This was a definite read for me 4 out of 5 stars.

Next book in the series is NightRise

Soto Out


Apollyon you sooo didn’t disappoint!

Published April 9, 2013 by bookbesties

Apollyon (Covenant, #4)

I was all types of excited to see that Apollyon was released early; I could hardly contain my excitement!

Apollyon is the fourth book in the Covenant Series by my fav JLA (Jennifer L. Armentrout) and it picks up right where Elixir (a novella in between Deity and Apollyon) left off. If you have not read Elixir, than you may want to before starting Apollyon, just to get the back story.

The Covenant series is basically a Greek mythology series with a lot of action and the right amount of smart-assnes. If there was ever a book series that should be made into a movie it should be these. Alex is a half-blood (the offspring of half mortal/ half pure blood) and she lives in a world where half-bloods are given only two choices; fight or be a slave. In this world pure bloods (offspring of both pure-blood parents) kinda rule and have their freedom to do whatever they please. Her one mission in life is become a Sentinel (like a part of an army) that fights and protects the Pure’s. Because that other choice?  Pssh, Alex is no one’s servant.

The previous books (Half-blood, Pure, Deity) are so packed with action and twist and turns in every one and they are based off the Greek mythologies what more could you ask for right?

Alex has connected with the First (Seth) and has lost herself to him and everything he wants become what she wants, she is being held in a reinforced cage so that she can’t break out and go to him, because one touch from him and he will become the ultimate god-killer.

Aiden her one true love is not willing to give up on her so easily though and fights like hell to make her come back to him, when she does they have to find a way to make their happily ever after come true, right after they save the world from a war between the Gods (Zeus, Poseidon ect.) and the First who will stop at nothing to gain ultimate control and rule Olympus.(homeboy crazy)

Alex is presented with a choice, she now she has to kill the First but at what price to her? And will she make the right choice?

We see more about Seth and what kinda makes him tick and that maybe his feelings for Alex were not all fake and why Alex is having such a hard time decided if she can kill him or not.   I loved this book, because I am a fan of Love and also team Aiden( go Aiden), they got to spend so much time together and be in the love bubble before the pooh hits the fan (in Sentinel). I missed Alex and all her snark

“They couldn’t kill me…..I was the Apollyon… My eyes locked with the Fury’s and I smiled. She hesitated and I snapped to my feet. “Bitch, please.”

And can’t wait until the fifth and final installment Sentinel comes out, they just get better and better with each one.

4 out of 5 stars.

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