Evil Star

Published April 12, 2013 by bookbesties

Evil Star (The Gatekeepers, #2)

So after the events at Raven’s Gate Matt Realizes he is a gatekeeper, one of the Five and has some power in him he was not aware of before.

I say that as I am singing “Power” From Snap “it’s getting it’s getting kinda hectic”



Matt goes to a new school funded by the Nexus (formed to fight the old ones) so the good guys… or are they? The Nexus job is to protect Matthew and the Gatekeepers. The Nexus ask Matt to help them stop a second gate from being opened by acquiring an old diary.  Matt says no he is done with it and then it hits the FAN.  Matt must not realize now that he has some power people will be coming after him, and by people I mean the old ones.

Well Matt finds people around him falling under the influence of dark magic and agrees to get the diary and stop the gate from opening. Matt leaves with Richard Cole the journalist who saved his life from Raven’s gate but on this journey Matt finds another Gatekeeper. Wonder twin powers activate right.

 photo wonder-twin-powers-activate_o_GIFSoupcom.gif


This new comer Pedro only speaks Spanish and Matt only speaks English, but they do find a way to communicate. Now these two have to put their differences aside and join up and kick some old ones tale! They find themselves going to the Nazca desert where they  finds that they need help, more than they can handle, so Pedro uses a life line and calls in his people; the Inca Indians. It is on like Donkey Kong!

In this book we find some Precognition, Psycokinesis(moving thing with your mind), Radiesthesia(cleansing your aura/ healing), and Astral Projection. What What!

OMG When they say the power of five they were not messing around(sorry for the big power words; Google them). This book had a lot of twist an turns as Mr. Horowitz always delivers.

Great character development, great villains, and great power.

This was a definite read for me 4 out of 5 stars.

Next book in the series is NightRise

Soto Out


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