The Mistletoe Trap by Cindi Madsen(Review Post)

Published December 3, 2020 by bookbesties

From the moment Julie sees her best friend, Gavin, in the airport, it’s like no time at all has gone by instead of months and months. No matter how long they’ve been apart, their relationship has always been steady, comfortable, and decidedly just friends. Even though their meddling parents have hung what seems like unlimited amounts of mistletoe everywhere she goes this holiday season, Julie knows some things will never change.

Gavin is well-aware his family’s wanted him and Julie to get together since forever, even though he’s been friend-zoned since they could talk—and he’s been happy to play that role. After all, as the new starting quarterback for the San Antonio Mustangs, he’s got enough on his plate without adding romance to the mix.

But between playing elves in the holiday bazaar to nights spent one-on-one watching rom-coms or soaking in their town’s hot springs, suddenly the “reverse parent trap” they’ve fallen into is actually starting to work. But this could be one scheme where letting themselves get trapped might be way too dangerous.

The Mistletoe Trap (Heart in the Game, #2)The Mistletoe Trap by Cindi Madsen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Here is a good Christmas read that has a bit of sports also mixed with friends to lovers trope mixed in. The two main characters Gavin and Julie have been besties since birth. Gavin is a NFL star and she is a pathologist . Unfortunately they both live in different states so trying to match up their schedules has been hard. Gavin has a injury that has him in his hometown and Julie is visiting. Enter in mission Parent Trap by both their parents who want to see these two together. These two start to develop feelings and it is a slow burn. I tend to be impatient so of course it killed me to wait for them to fall for each other. I did really enjoy how solid of a friendship they truly have. The chemistry these two have is steamy. It’s not too much sports but has a good balance. It’s a sweet read just in time to get you ready for the holidays!

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