A Destitute Duke By Patricia Knight(Review Post)

Published June 28, 2019 by bookbesties


Captain Duncan Worthington Everleigh had committed his life to king and country. When he returns to London, a startling revelation about the legitimacy of his brother the Duke of Chelsony alters his future. However, no new discovery could be more life-changing than what he grows to feel for Lady Florence Lloyd-Smith. Duncan finds in Florence a woman he can love with unchecked passion. To protect her, no sacrifice is too great, even if his actions could cost him her love.

Too headstrong, independent, and beautiful for her own good, the widowed Lady Lloyd-Smith isn’t the carefree lady of leisure she pretends to be. She has pulled herself from bitter poverty and through careful investment has amassed a substantial fortune. She has little time for men who treat all women as bubble-headed nodcocks or consider her tarnished because she “stinks of trade”. She has little need for men at all, until she meets Captain Everleigh. Florence finds in Duncan a man who promises love, honor, and protection—even if it’s from himself. Yet the violence of her love for him leaves her trembling, and Lady Lloyd-Smith isn’t a woman to give up easily.

Duncan finds in Florence a woman he can love with unchecked passion. Florence finds in Duncan a man who will love, honor, and protect her—even if it’s from himself.

This is book number 2 in the Heirs & Spares series, and it was just as good as book one!  This book has it all; war heroes, independent ladies, betrayal, theft, passion, and romance.  Lady Florence is everything I love in a leading lady, she is independent, business savvy, intelligent, incredibly fashionable, and an absolute socialite.  I loved getting to know her better in this book and seeing her find her happy ending.

Captain Duncan Worthington Everleigh is a decorated war spy who is returning to England to visit his favorite half-brother and report the findings of his latest mission to the war office.  He is happy with his life in the military and has no plans of settling down, that is until he meets Lady Florence Lloyd-Smith, a friend of his new sister in-law.

      Lady Florence Lloyd-Smith can have any number of gentlemen as suitors but she isn’t interested in being married again, especially now that she has her business investments and her own financial independence.  Will a chance meeting with her best friend’s brother in-law and his offer to financially back her business change her mind, or will it lead to heart break?

    This book was a thrilling read that pulled at my heart strings from start to finish.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!





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