A Rake’s Revenge(Review Post)

Published May 28, 2019 by bookbesties


After being abandoned by her almost-betrothed, Caroline Nash vows to never again get involved with a man. Especially not the middle-aged earl her father has chosen for her. The man is a pompous ass and one of Prinny’s set who only wants her for her dowry. To complicate matters, a kiss from the Midnight Marauder unleashes an unbelievable passion that Caroline can’t seem to forget.

Stephan, the Marquis of Kendrick, poses as the robbing marauder to avenge his low-born mother. But he starts questioning his plans when one of his “missions” crosses paths with Caroline and leads to the kiss of a lifetime. Stephan senses that this proper miss is more fiery than he expected and he wants more.

To be properly introduced to the woman of his dreams, he attends the Prince Regent’s house party. He finds her, begging a friend to pretend to court her – to fend off the man her father has chosen. Stephan couldn’t wish for a better opportunity – he’ll happily court her, but he doesn’t want to pretend. Their connection is sizzling, but can this charade become something real once Stephan’s secrets are revealed?

Each book in the Rake Trilogy series is STANDALONE:
* A Rake’s Redemption (FREE AT TIME OF POSTING)
* A Rake’s Revenge

This is another new author to me and I am excited to see what/ who else she has in store for us!  This book has everything fun; an independent leading lady, pirates, a masked bandit who steals as many kisses as riches, an estranged Marquis, an unwanted betrothal, and a crazy scheme to get out of it. This book was a total run read and I loved every minute of it from page 1 to the last period.  I really hope to read many more stories from this author in the near future.

      Caroline Nash is completely resigned to living life “on the shelf” especially after being jilted by her ex- betrothed, that is until her father calls in a favor of the Prince Regent and she finds herself almost betrothed to the Earl of Tisdale a man much her senior.  In a desperate attempt to thwart her betrothed, her father and her Prince’s plans for her she finds herself begging a favor from a friend of a friend.  Will the favor work to her benefit or will she lose everything in her marriage to the dastardly Earl of Tisdale?

       Stephan Stoddard, Marquis of Kendrick, is quite content with his life as a pirate and the Midnight Marauder, taking from the snobs of the ton and giving to the poor.  So what’s to stop him from having a little fun with the debutants of London, by stealing their kisses, while he’s at it? An eventful run in and the attempt to save Caroline Nash from a doomed marriage might just change his life as he knows it.







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