Prince on Paper(Review Post)

Published May 1, 2019 by bookbesties


The Reluctant Royals series returns with a good girl searching for the life that’s not too big, and not too small, and the bad boy prince who might be just right for her.

Nya Jerami fled Thesolo for the glitz and glamour of NYC, but discovered that her Prince Charming only exists in her virtual dating games. When Nya returns home for a royal wedding, she accidentally finds herself up close and personal—in bed—with the real-life celebrity prince who she loves to hate.

For Johan von Braustein, the red-headed step-prince of Liechtienbourg, acting as paparazzi bait is a ruse that protects his brother—the heir to the throne—and his own heart. When a royal referendum threatens his brother’s future, a fake engagement is the perfect way to keep the cameras on him.

Nya and Johan both have good reason to avoid love, but as desires are laid bare behind palace doors, they must decide if their fake romance will lead to a happily ever after.


This is the second book by this author and from this series I have read, and while like its predecessor it is not a historical romance I thoroughly enjoyed it none the less.  This book was a total run read and every minute of it had a smile on my face.

     Dating games on her phone were Nya Jerami’s window in to the world of romance that she was to self- conscious to enter in real life. Until the wedding festivities of her best friend brought her together with the one man she has had a secret crush on she was never allowed to dream of being loved by anyone but her family.

     Johan von Braustein aka the Tabloid Prince of Liechtienbourg aka Bad Boy Jo-Jo is known for being the life of a party and the paparazzi couldn’t get enough of his wild antics. Too bad for them they only saw the mask of the man he wanted them to see. At his best friend’swedding he finds himself in close proximity with one of the few people who is able to see the man beyond the mask, and it just so happens that he has been crazy about her for a while.

    This book isn’t a historical romance but it absolutely reads like and follows a similar story line to all of my favorite H.R. books.  I really enjoyed seeing Nya find her inner strength and watching Johan shed his Bad Boy persona all as they fall completely in love. I couldn’t put this book down and I hope it is the same for you.




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  • Glad to see that you enjoyed this one so much darling, I LOVED it so much too. Its probably my favorite of the series although book two is a close tie with it because I love a sexy SCOT!!

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