The Protector by HelenKay Dimon(Review Post)

Published July 23, 2018 by bookbesties


Salvation, Pennsylvania. The commune located in the small town was advertised as a modern Utopia: a place to live, share, and learn with other like-minded young people. Cate Pendleton’s sister was one of them. Now she’s dead—and Cate won’t rest until she finds out who killed her. Stonewalled at every turn, she approaches a DC Fixer for help and ends up with Damon Knox, a mysterious man with a secretive past. But Cate soon discovers that she not only needs Damon, she wants him, which isn’t good—for the attraction brewing between them will only lead to complications that can turn into danger . . .

Damon has tried to erase the hellish memories and the evil that happened in Salvation ever since he left a long time ago. Still, he can’t turn his back on Cate. As Damon works with Cate to uncover her sister’s killer, he finds himself drawn to her more and more. But how will she feel about him when she learns about his connection to the place?

Joining forces to uncover the truth, they must stay one step ahead of a cunning killer who’s bent on not being exposed.



Cate Pendleton is determined to find out the truth about her sister’s accident. In her quest for justice she seeks the help of the Quint Five. There is only one person who can get her into the compound where her sister was murdered. Damon Knox, has been avoiding the Compound where he was raised for more than a year. For him, Salvation is anything but Salvation. They come up with a plan, a fake relationship, to get into the Compound. They go under the premise that Damon is trying to convince Cate that her sisters accident really was an accident and that Sullivan has nothing to hide.

Troubles arise between Cate and Damon when she learns secrets at the school where her sister was murdered. The head of the school is determined to prove that this is a straight-laced school now and welcomes Cate and Damon with open arms. Damon is determined to prove otherwise and unable to keep up the idea that he believes that the school is innocent.

As their investigation progresses, their connection grows. Soon they find themselves forgetting that this is supposed to be a fake relationship. While they get closer to each other, the danger that Cate is in raises. A series of attacks, fires, and kidnapping takes place where eventually, the head of the school has to truly open his eyes to see what is really happening at the school. When Cate is put in even more danger she learns that what happened to her sister and just how far Damon’s feelings for her go.

Okay, this is the second book in the series that I have read and reviewed. After reading the second book, I can tell you the plot of the remaining two books. Both of the books I read followed the same plot. A member of the Quint Five is sent to a location to protect the female from whatever dangers they will encounter and then they fall in love. These are good books if you read them as stand alone. I really enjoyed the first one that I read. I enjoyed this one as well but it is pretty predictable if you have read another part of the series. You don’t know who did what but you do know the path that the story will take it.

stars 4


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