Dangerously Broken by Eden Bradley (Review Post)

Published October 2, 2015 by bookbesties
Dangerously Broken (A Dangerous Romance)

$9.99 on Amazon Via Kindle

It’s all or nothing…

Growing up, Summer Grace Rae lusted after Jamie Stewart-Greer something fierce. But her older brother’s best friend was strictly off limits. And in time Summer convinced herself to forget about him—until one erotic encounter…

Jamie has a dark side, and his BDSM fantasies are the perfect way to explore it. But he’s always hidden his extreme lifestyle from the one person who elicited his ultimate, forbidden passions. After all, Summer has been like a little sister to him for years—until Jamie sees her at the most infamous kink club in New Orleans.

Now, every taboo craving they’ve ever had is made real, in the flesh, and sending them on a sensual journey of discovery. But as their relationship spirals into the darkest recesses of desire, they’re both left breathlessly wanting more—and love could be the most dangerous fetish of them all.

Again, new author for me having never read books by her before and I have to say that I was impressed. While I liked, I didn’t loooove it but don’t let that fool you, this was a good read for me. 

The story follows Summer as she takes the mission to win over her brothers best friend who she has crushed on all these years.(Not an original story arc but still one I love) What she does not know is that Jamie has a side to him that will soon grip her in. Imagine finding out your crush is a semi Christian Grey!  I loved watching the fight between these two ignite and evolve. The story will keep you on your toes and have you waiting for what’s around the corner which is great because again, story line is not original but it kept me intrigued. Jamie is very confident and Summer is provoking and the two make this a great read, especially  for a rainy day when you want to hid from the world. I all around enjoyed the storyline,  great characters, romance, some down and dirty scenes all mixed into a good binding(total pun intended).

3 and a half


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