Vicious Cycle by Katie Ashley Review

Published June 10, 2015 by bookbesties

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Fist off, ANY book that has a dedication to the one, the only, sex god Charlie Hunnam, I’m going to love it based on principle.

No, really, I fell in love with this book from the heart-wrenching opening describing what poor Willow had to go through then only to be thrust into a family she has never known and a father who seemingly doesn’t even like her.

Decon Malloy is your typical biker bad boy. Harsh, loud, viloent and sexy, let’s not forget sexyand the last thing he expected was a child from his long lost love that he never knew about, and he certainly didn’t expect to have to take her in upon finding out that said once love of his life is dead. If it wasn’t for his mom and her sense of family, he would just as soon as dropped her off to CPS, than have her live with him. BUt being adopted and having a not so great child-hoop post adoption has him more inclined to listen to his mother and keep Willow with the family.

In walks Alex, Willows sexy and totally off- limits teacher who has an eerily close background as poor Willow and instantly bonds with the child. I loved the total opposite ends of the spectrum we get the story told as it’s in dual POV’s which I LOVE!

Alex is so prim and proper, Ann of Green Gables and Decon is, well, not that!  At first he tries to push her off on someone else and I was not particularly happy with the way that story was going, but i forced myself to keep reading because katie wouldn’t do that to me right?! I’m glad I did. not only did things start heating up, but the plot, as they say thickens when Alex has a threat made on her life, just for hanging around the MC and teaching Willow, who was not allowed to attend school because of said threat.

What I loved, Loved, Loved about this book was that, while i’m all for love at first sight books, this was not one of those. Not only did Deacon and Alex’s love happen over a period of time but so did Deacon’s and Willow, Willow and Alex and Willow and the rest of the family. It was heartwarming to see the love Deacon had for his daughter grow and by the end I was deeply satisfied with how things turned out!

I will be the first in line for the second book, thank you Katie Ashley for a story well told!

stars 4


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