Sweet Home by Tillie Cole

Published November 1, 2013 by bookbesties


I kept hearing a lot about this book and its alpha male guy that was in it, so I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did, because the alpha male didn’t disappoint.

This is the story of a modern-day Romeo and Juliet. Check the names of the two MC’s: Molly Juliet Shakespeare and Romeo Prince (see what the author did there?).  While I didn’t like the similarities with the names I did enjoy the way Tillie Cole made it different from the original, but not too much that you didn’t draw the parallels.

The plot was intriguing enough to keep me turning the page and the two MC’s intense love had me wanting to find out what happens next.  But, I’m not going to lie, what kept me up at night and compelled to read was the male MC; Romeo ‘Bullet’ Prince, football god and sex god!

Rome was one word: Intense, in everything he did his sports, his feelings and his ‘love making’.

“I’m gonna f*ck you, but I’m also gonna make love to you. I’m gonna own every goddamn piece of your soul, and I’m never gonna let you go. You’re gonna scream my name over and over until it’s permanently lodged in your friggin’ throat. You’re not gonna be just a f*ck to me, Mol—you’re gonna be my f*ckin’ salvation!”

I found myself liking Rome more than I did Molly and she was the MC, who’s POV the book was told through.  I found Molly boring and the scene where Rome was not in I rushed through those to get back to more Rome.  I thought that his plight throughout the book was more than hers, not to take away from hers as it was also very tragic but I empathized with Rome more.

I have never been to Alabama, but I am from the south and I know that contrary to popular belief we don’t say ‘ya’ll’ all the time, so I doubt that people from Alabama say ‘darlin’ all the time. It was in every sentence and got old, real quick.

Tillie Cole did a great job at making me hate certain character’s, so in essence she wrote them well, and the heartbreak that  poured off the page was so palpable it made me think, ‘what if that was me?’  I’d say overall Tillie Cole has a good one on her hands and is someone I will watch out for!

3 out of 5 stars


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