This Man Trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Published July 22, 2013 by bookbesties


So there are those certain books that make you scream out loud like that and laugh and go “Awwww” all girl like and in the same breath make you go “OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO STUPID!”. Well this was my experience with the This man Trilogy!

While at work one day we were slow and I decided to read, well the main character did something insanely stupid and I was in total shock of said stupidity so I said “What the %uck” rather loudly in my quiet office and got four curious stares pointed at me. Thank god my boss was not there that day!

Let me tell you about Jesse Ward.


He is not you’re typical mag-millionaire with a tortured soul that needs saving and…wait maybe he is, BUT Jess Ward will have your jaw on the floor from his harshness and then in the same breath have you melting with his sweetness.

“Just tell me one thing before you leave Ava, How loud do you think you’ll scream when I *uck you?”

“You completely consume me,Ava. I can’t function without you. I’m totally addicted to you, baby.”

He wants what he wants and he wants it, and “It” just so happens to be a one Ms. Ava O’Shea, interior designer and when they set eyes on each other sparks fly. But Ava can spot a potential broken heart a mile away having just gotten out of a four-year relationship. But Jesse Ward will not let her get away from him that easily. Over the course of three books demons are fought, fights are had, countdowns and demands are made, and truths come to light. And Oh yea there is TONS of sex. All kinds actually. Jesse is a fan of %ucking the sense into someone, giving reminder %ucks, retribution %ucks and a whole lot of others. These books don’t lack imagination in  that department let me tell you.

The only problem that I did have with the books was the first one in general, Jesse’s behavior was bordering on stalkerish  and had that been me, first I’m not sure I would have played so hard to get and if I did I’m not sure I wouldn’t have been calling the cops at his behavior later.  I also was not a fan of how the female lead was seeming so very naive , I mean you would have had to be blind to not guess what the big secret was in book one. But still that was not enough to get me to NOT like/love the trilogy. The last two book were bananas! I loved the sometimes volatile  but never violent arguments that the couple faced and the running conflict that was started somewhat in the first book and blew up in the third only to be resolved nicely by the end of the trilogy.  On average I loved the books and will more than likely be re-visiting Mr. Ward.

4 out of 5 stars.

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