Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

Published June 30, 2013 by bookbesties


I was supa-dupa stoked when I found out she was doing another book from Holder’s POV, because Hopeless was my all time fav book of last year. Hands. Down.  You can check out my review  here. I love everything that Colleen writes and this was no exception, she has a way of drawing you into the MC world and being completely consumed by it, as well as her famous catch phrases! (Butterfly you and Live you).

I always like to know what’s going on in the other persons head and life, unlike This Girl (Slammed from Will’s POV) this one had so many new parts it was a different story all together.  I especially wanted to be inside of Holder’s head, because he was so hot and cold and off and on that it was hard to tell if he wasn’t insane!

If you haven’t read Hopeless than don’t read this review and go grab it now.

Losing Hope is basically Hopeless, but the straight to the point Holder’s version. It told what was going on in Holder’s life and it was just as much tragic as what was going on in Sky’s life. This story is more to the point, because it had already been told before. Now for those of you that think its the SAME story, stop thinking that, it’s not. While parts of the dialogue do overlap from Hopeless, it was so still a very different. Although there were less chapter breaks needed for this one, I still felt so bad for Holder and what he had to go through with the loss of Les, then learning the meaning  behind his tattoo, I wanted to cry for him.

There was a lot more use of the eff bomb being thrown around in this book than the first, but it was from a guys POV, and guys use the eff bomb like crazy and to me Holder was very angry in this book and angry people curse(this is my logic).  I was engrossed from minute one and couldn’t put it down. I loved certain scene in his eyes like the grocery store scene and the whole thing with her father, even though I knew what was going to happen it didn’t stop me from being on the edge of my seat. It was brilliant and funny and tragic all in one,which is the very best of a great Colleen Hoover story! I loved the letter’s to Les that gave us a recap of what was happening without  being too wordy.

“Dear Les,

Happy two-week deathiversary. Harsh? Maybe so but I’m not apologizing.”

And if you thought you couldn’t love Holder anymore than you did, you would be wrong. I was swooning over Holder all over again, forget about what he was saying to Sky, it was what was in his head that he didn’t’ say out loud that had me falling for him. All. Over. Again.

“Dear all dead people who aren’t Les, since I’m not writing letters to Les anymore, I’ve loved Hope since we were kids. 

But tonight?

Tonight I fell in love with Sky.”

I also loved that we got to see what happened after all the ‘poo’ hit the fan in Hopeless and that even though life is messy and in this case all types of  effed up, it can still have a happy-ish ending.  I LIVED this book so very hard and you will too!

You want to get this book when it’s released which is July 8th, trust me!

5 out of 5 stars

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