Honor Thy Teacher by Teresa Mummert

Published June 25, 2013 by bookbesties

Honor Thy Teacher (Honor, #2)

I read the first book and I although I didn’t; love it, I was intrigued enough to continue on with the second because I thought, “Hey this has to get better right?” WRONG!.

Honor Thy teacher is Honor Student told from William or Mr.Honor’s POV, and the reason I wanted to read this one was to better understand the first. I want to fist clarify that this book is NOT like any book that I have ever come across and not because of the BDSM. This book did nothing but make me think that the main character Will, was effing nuts.

The story that is portrayed from Williams side is much darker and more on a manic side, with him going to great and crazy lengths to keep Emma, than him hiding his secrets from her. And trust me when I say these are not just small and minor secrets.  I thought this book was bordering on WTF-crazy! There were several times, like in the first book where I was left wondering what the eff just happened.

The things that happen in the book that I knew where coming, but just hearing them from his side was like, wow. He was displaying some stalker qualities that ordinarily would be cute but had he not kept arbitrarily spouting the word “Mine” it would have been a little less creepy.

I found it confusing because I didn’t know if he was saying the things he said to ‘keep’ her or if he meant it until the very end.  The book was laid out the same as Honor student with the same event, some new as this was Williams story, and he mentioned on more than one occasion that he would kill someone for , over, or because of Emma. I’m all for love really I am, but I’m not as cray cray as home boy was. I found it very disturbing on some levels and I’m not a faint at heart type of person!  The masochist in me will finish the third and final installment just to finish out the series, and while Teresa Mummert’s other books are great this series fell short for me.

2 out of 5 stars

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