Keeping Her by Cora Carmack Preview!!

Published June 21, 2013 by bookbesties

Previously I posted that we would be hosting the Keeping Her preview package and today is the day!

Below is the preview for Keeping Her ( A Losing It novella) and also Cora is hosting a live Faking It chat along with Jay Crownover  on Goodreads on 6/26 at 3-4pm EDT where you can ask her all your burning questions about Faking it and maybe even Keeping Her!


And…… If you follow Cora’s blog’s then you know she is a huge fan of suing Gif’s. So are we and this Gif is for you Cora, as well because we are super excited for Keeping Her!

Keeping Her preview

View this document on Scribd

You can follow Cora on Facebook here

And Pre-Order Keeping here



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