Safe Word By Teresa Mummert

Published May 27, 2013 by bookbesties

Safe Word

So, admittedly, the cover and the name of the book is what drew me in, I mean what do you think of when you hear the term “Safe Word?”

Yea,  well after reading the blurp I was intrigue and very surprised at how much I LOVED this book! This is the third book I have read that was solely in the male POV and while I tend to shy away from them I was glad i didn’t with this one. I loved Cole from the moment he opened his mouth. He is everything your typical bad boy would be, cocky and arrogant and sexy!

“The only complaint I’ve had in the bedroom department was being too large”.

Cole had a specific job that he did for a living, he worked for the mob. And what happens when his old high school love Rose who he thought was dead comes back into his life? Well he kidnaps her of course.

This book had so many twist and turns, I started reading this book and before I knew it I was 65% done with the book I had just started. Cole is aught between the girl he once loved and his new crime life and not pissing off his mob boss and getting them both killed. But with vivid flash backs we see more and more into his past with Rose and see that it was more than a high school fling for him. As the story progress truths start to come to light and even truths about Rose, and as they spend more and more time together Cole finds that he never stopped loving her, but is it enough to save both of them?  Just when I thought I had this book figured out BAM something happened to throw me for a loop! The passion between Cole and Rose was pouring off the pages and I’m not sure that would have been the case if Teresa had chosen to write in Roses POV.

The ending had me on the edge of my seat as


I would have loved to know the whole story behind Cole and even the story behind Rose and to know what happened after the Epilogue because I am the type that wants more when it’s a good story. So good job Teresa Mummert, you have me hooked and I will be begging you for a second story of Cole and Rose. Begging/stalking whichever.

4 out of 5 stars


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