Force by Emma Louise(Review Post)

Published October 1, 2020 by bookbesties
Release Date: September 17
Tucker Neal is living the adrenaline fuelled life he always dreamed of, both on and off the race track.  
He lives life at full speed. It’s the only way he can stay one lap ahead of the bitter memories that chase him.  
Until the past swerves directly into his lane, setting him on a collision course that could spin his life out of control.  
No matter how many years have passed, or how many miles have been between them, Brooke Nash has never forgotten her first love. 
And now he’s back, reminding her of everything she gave up.  
The connection between them is still indisputable, but can Tucker out manoeuvre his demons enough to give them a fighting chance? 
Or will they crash and burn once again? 
Emma Louise’s Force is an emotionally charged, second chance romance written in K. Bromberg’s Driven Worlds project.
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Force:A Driven World Novel by Emma Louise

 This second chance romance set in K Brombergs Driven World which I have read before and definitely a fan. I am new to Emma Louise but I have become a fan. High school sweethearts who thought they would be forever. Tucker uses his driving as an outlet and he is happy to have his love Brooke by his side until one night changes for them and sets them both on different paths.

After many years Brooke moves away from home for a new job. She has worked hard to get where she is but has never forgotten about her first love. Tucker has come a long way in his career as a driver and is not fully living. One night changes for both of them when they come face to face with each other. When they see each other you see the static between them and you know that there will be a struggle! The chemistry between these two is real and i love seeing them interact. Has too much time passed? Are they too different from their past? I definitely enjoyed and it was a win for me. Strong characters and a strong Heroine was a definite win for me.

stars 4 Damaris

Meet Emma Louise
A long-time lover of all things romance, Emma Louise is a book blogger turned writer. 
She’s a die-hard bibliophile, addicted to tea and speaks fluent sarcasm.  
She lives with her husband, three children in the UK.  
Having been an avid reader for as long as she can remember, she’s recently decided to try her hand at writing a love story of her own and is now the proud author of the Flawed Love Series. 
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