Playing Hurt by Kelly Jamieson(Review Post)

Published July 2, 2018 by bookbesties


He’s playing hurt. She’s laying low. And they’re both flirting with disaster.
“Kelly Jamieson is my go-to author for hockey romance.”—Jami Davenport
Chase: The last thing I’d ever want to do is let my team down. After overcoming my bad-boy reputation, I was dominating on the ice. But things aren’t going so well this season, and even my parents think I’m partying again. Now I’m really worried about my career. The only bright spot in my life is the Twitter flirtation I’ve struck up with pop princess Jordyn Banks. Turns out she’s a huge hockey fan—and she’s willing to wager a date on her favorite team. . . .
Jordyn: Even though I’m an L.A. fan now, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Aces, since I grew up in Chicago. Then I lose a bet to Chase Hartman, and suddenly I’m up close and personal with a pro athlete who’s anything but soft. Not only is Chase the hottest guy I’ve ever met, he’s secretly super sweet. As if I had time for a relationship . . . yeah, right. But when I suddenly have nothing but time on my hands, he’s the only one who understands. Now, with both of our careers at stake, Chase is tempting me to put my heart on the line too.
Kelly Jamieson’s USA Today bestselling Aces Hockey series can be read together or separately:
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This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.


I love a good Hockey romance and I have read books from the Aces series before. and loved them, and this was a winner for me! Jordyn is a famous musician and Chase is a starter for the Aces! Chase can’t believe when Jordyn and him start a banter on Twitter, after all he has had a crush on her for a while. After date number 1 Jordyn knows that her feelings for Chase will be more than a one time thing. Chase and Jordyn are such a cute pair! Between injuries and daily stress and then mix in some miscommunication and their relationship is on shaky ground! The banter between these two is exhilarating and fun! This was an new way of starting off a romance and, for me, this book had it all; a Twitter battle, some hockey and music all swirled into one to make this book a hit! This was a great read for me and can’t wait for the next in this series!

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