Elizabeth’s Wolf(ARC Review)

Published December 9, 2017 by bookbesties


Special-Forces solider Dash has all but given up his will to live until an innocent letter from a little girl brings him back to life. Cassie writes to him every week, strengthening his resolve to recover from the devastating loss of his unit. But when the letters suddenly stop arriving, Dash instinctively knows Cassie and her mother are in critical danger. 

Elizabeth and her daughter are on the run from a dark and bloody past that refuses to let them go. The stakes are too high for her to fall for this dangerous man who’s just walked into her life, but now more than ever she needs help.  

Saving his mate and her daughter calls Dash’s beast to the forefront and transforms the lone wolf into an alpha protector—he becomes Elizabeth’s wolf.

When I first saw this story i thought it was interesting even though I had never read this author before or the series.

The beginning I found to a little slow with getting to the back story with there essentially being two stories, Cassie and Dash. Cassie and her mother are on the run from the man that killed her father and want Cassie because she witnessed it. Trying to bring normalcy to her daughter’s life on the run Elizabeth enrolls Cassie in school for a brief time, where Cassie’s class pick soldiers to become pen pals with. She picks Dash’s name because his name sounds like a ‘good daddy’s name’ and from the moment Dash’s sergeant reads him the letter, because Dash was in a comma at the time, he knew he had to help Cassie and her mother.

Not sure if Dash was in the other Crossbreed novels but it was semi vague about what happened to him. It wasn’t until later when he is explaining his story to Elizabeth that we(I) get the full story. After the two finally meet then the story starts getting interesting.

The truth behind Elizabeth, Cassie and Dash all unfolds in this action packed novel and to say i loved how the story unfolded would be an understatement. I was enthralled with it and couldn’t put it down, and for a ne having come into this world on like, the 15th novel is something! It can totally be read as a stand alone, but I’m guessing it would be a better reading experience if you followed the other stories, which I am totally going to do.

The chemistry I have to say is lava, Dash is as Alpha as you’d expect him to be and is not afraid to show it, but Elizabeth is a strong female and by no means a pushover despite what she has been through. The story I found dragged a bit, but that’s not It to say that it didn’t hold my attention. It was appropriately evened out with action and sexy time, but a lot of inner dialogue.

All in all I enjoyed the story and will be reading the next book about.

star pink


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