Dangerously Divine(Review Post)

Published November 28, 2017 by bookbesties


The Riders: Three immortal brothers who kept the Baba Yagas safe, now stripped of their summons to protect. But fate is not finished with them—and their new callings are even more powerful…
Though his physical wounds have healed, Gregori Sun, the eldest of the Riders, remains in spiritual turmoil. His search for his mother, the one person able to heal his soul and save his life, is failing—until he crosses paths with a beautiful and fascinating librarian who might be the key to his salvation…
Ciera Evans’s bookish ways are just a guise. The product of a difficult past, she has dedicated her life to saving lost teens—by any means necessary. She works alone, but when a dark, brooding stranger proposes they team up to solve both their problems, she is tempted—in more ways than one…
After Ciera and Sun’s plans are derailed by dangerous enemies, they find themselves entangled in an ungodly affair—one that will force them to either find new strength together or be forever haunted by their pasts alone.


In completion of this insert into the Baba Yaga world, I love this book as much as all the other I have had the pleasure of completing in this series.  Gregori Sun definitely gave off the “monk” aura throughout the book, but he still rode his Ducatti steed around.  I always picture the Riders transportations to have personalities similar to the Chudo Yudos and would love to see that come about in some way in a future book.

               Ciera Evans is an amazing female character.  I enjoy rooting for a female main character that isn’t some weakling “help me brave sir” type and does for herself.  She overcomes a lot and is unquestioningly a character to look up to and emulate.

thank you Deborah Blake for this series.

star pink


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