Game On (Hometown Players) by Victoria Denault (Review Post)

Published October 10, 2017 by bookbesties



When it comes to scoring in the pro hockey league, Alex Larue is crushing it-with the hot puck bunnies. He’s the life of the party, the guy with all the jokes . . . and the one whose Party Guy mask keeps the real him well hidden. The last thing he needs is anyone finding out about his troubled past, or the nightmares that haunt him still.

Brie Bennett is less than impressed by Alex from the moment she meets him. And even though he insists on volunteering at the charity she runs, she doesn’t trust him. He’s hiding something…but so is she. She’s not just the rich, privileged New York princess he thinks she is. The animosity between them is undeniably addictive and as their worlds keep colliding it becomes supercharged with something else – attraction. But if they stop playing games and let each other in, they both might lose.

One More Shot
Making a Play
The Final Move
Winning It All
On the Line


It’s always interesting when you read an author that you are not familiar with. You never know what to expect. But I am a cover whore and the first thing to intrigue me was the cover! The cover is appealing and clearly you can tell this is a sport romance and Ding, Ding, Ding! I am a sucker for a sports romance now add to that a hockey romance and I have to a least check it out.

This Story has all key components that I love in a sports romance. First, you have Alex who has just been traded to a new team . He is sexy, cocky and funny and everyone likes him especially the ladies!

” I don’t break hearts, i break headboards.”


You have Brie who has it all; she is pretty, wealthy and a great job! Little does Alex know that the director of the charity that he is trying to volunteer for is Brie.  The plot makes you want to keep turning the pages so much I didn’t even want to go to sleep! The story that builds between these two is sweet. They both annoy each other but we all know what that means when the boy is mean or bothers you in school? Yep, there are feelings that are about to get involved. Alex has a past that slowly Brie is trying to unravel but Alex does not know if he can open up. Throw in a troubled teen off the streets and the story is heartwarming.  The chemistry right away is funny and sexy.  You really feel for the characters. This book is refreshing and it hit a jackpot with me! I’ve found a new author to love and I can’t wait to read the others in the series!

No surprise I give this

4stars white



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