the brightest SUNSET (Review Post)

Published July 29, 2017 by bookbesties

The-Brightest-Sunset-For Web

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.
Words destroyed me.
“I’m sorry. She didn’t make it.”
“Daddy, he can’t breathe!”
“There’s nothing more we can do for your son.”
Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.
More lies.
Those syllables and letters became my executioner. I told myself that, if I didn’t acknowledge the pain and the fear, they would have no power over me. But, as the years passed, the hate and the anger left behind began to control me.
Two words—that was all it took to plunge my life into darkness.
“He’s gone.”
In the end, it was four soft, silky words that gave me hope of another sunrise.
“Hi. I’m Charlotte Mills.”

Witty, emotional, heart-warming and gut-wrenching are just a small portion of the rang of emotions in this amazing story

After reading the Darkest SUNRISE, I was afraid to read the conclusion in the brightest SUNSET, but I forged on, because how could I not!?

I still don’t have my emotions in check after reading this book, and honesty I can’t really tell you about it without spoilers, it’s just one of those books you have to experience and not just read.

GrIf I thought that Charlotte killed me in the first book, then Porter Reese SLAYED me! The book picks up right where the cliffhanger of the last one left off and to say it is with a bang is an understatement! I was so mad for a good portion of the book and i guess I could understand, but come on!!

There is a riff, but Aly didn’t make us wait long before that riff was whole and the obstacles that Porter, Charlotte, Brady, Travis, and Hannah have to go through are, just…WOW! I have no idea how Aly does it, but she digs deep in your soul with her words and pulls out this emotions you didn’t even know you had for a subject you would have no idea how to handle in a million and two years, THAT’S how talented and good this book was!

I really can’t imagine thinking my life was one way, then BAM! everything I thought I knew is in question, including the love I have for someone. It was a great emotionally charged ride that I will read over and over!

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