Wedded Bliss(The Wicked Worthington Series) Review Post(@BerklyRomance)

Published May 2, 2017 by bookbesties


From the New York Times bestselling author of I Thee Wed comes a Wicked Worthingtons novel of a love that will not be denied….

As a ship’s captain, highborn bastard Morgan Pryce has spent his life sailing away from England. The last thing he needs is a wife. But when he fears that his titled half brother, Neville, is about to be snared by a gold digger, Morgan aims to protect Neville by tricking the lovely crook into marrying him first. He knows he can’t allow himself to believe a word she says. If only she weren’t so convincing….
Determined beauty Bliss Worthington is not terribly fond of finding another man waiting for her at the altar—after all, no one tricks a Worthington and gets away with it. Somehow she must persuade her dangerously handsome new husband to grant her an annulment, because her heart is set on his brother.
Soon the newlyweds must deal with a secret but mutual attraction. Morgan finds himself oddly devastated by her tenderness and braveness. When Neville shows up to rescue her from a loveless marriage, she will have to quickly decide which man is the right one for her….

This was a very good book.  I really appreciated finding out who the characters truly were and how it played in to the dynamic of their relationship.  I don’t normally care if everyone (including minor characters) gets a happy ending if the ending fits the characters and their story, so I was very surprised and pleased that this author made it happen for all the characters in a way that didn’t make it obvious that she adjusted the story line right at the end of the book to make it happen.  This is a book I look forward to reading again and adding to my collection.

stars 4

Bookbesties- Danielle

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