Love Me Again (A Hope Novel) Review Post

Published May 2, 2017 by bookbesties


In the latest novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Don’t Let Go, it’s never too late for a second chance at first love…

When Loretta Simmons returns to Hope, Oklahoma, after a disastrous marriage, she’s determined to remain independent for the sake of her daughter. The only thing standing in her way is Deacon Fox—the man she loved and walked away from years ago.

Since Loretta owns the bookstore right next to his current renovation project, Deacon can’t escape the woman who broke his heart. Throw in her adorable little girl and one ridiculously oversized dog, and they’re almost a family. Only he can’t be that guy—what they had was once in a lifetime.

But love has a funny way of reopening a door you thought was firmly closed…

I loved Rules of Contact by the same author and loved the writing style, and I do love second chance romance books. I felt like this was a must read for me. Loretta is back home after a bad relationship and now her ex is working right next door! I enjoyed the book for the most part as I was a little against Loretta at first. Loretta has a daughter who softens Deacon heart and It was sweet to see her and Deacon’s interactions. The story ended well for me but Loretta frustrated me at times with her choices, but I did wind up liking her by the end. I was a Team Deacon from the start though all the way!
Great read and one, that I will re-read again!

stars 4


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