Spurred On by Sabrina York(Review Post)

Published January 17, 2017 by bookbesties


From the author of Cowboy to Command and Stud for Hire comes the third deliciously sexy Stripped Down novel.
Just south of Fort Worth, Texas, you’ll find a little ranch where the hot, toned cowboys are ready and eager to take it all off and make your naughtiest fantasies come true…
As the owner of the Double S Ranch, Cody Silver knows what women want—all except the one that got away. So when his high school girlfriend Sidney Stevens comes back to town for her sister’s wedding, Cody will do whatever it takes to prove that he’s a changed man.

After their explosive breakup, it took a long time for Sidney’s broken heart to heal—and she’s not about to risk it again. She’ll tangle with Cody and live out her simmering fantasies, but when the time comes she’s going to walk away satisfied.

But love has a way of ruining the best laid plans, and Cody and Sidney are about to learn that what you want isn’t always what you need…

I was interested by hearing the title name and was excited to read the story, and while it was a nice story, it fell a little short for me. The chemistry between Sidney and Cody is strong but dissolved to quickly for me. Sidney is the ex lover scorned by Cody, which now he sees the error of his ways and  he wants her back and, no surprise she is not ready. Sidney character was too much back and forth for my taste, she wanted him, she hated him, which I know can be some women but I don’t think all women do this?  Cody seemed very easily diverted. Like I said when the romance was there it was good but Sidney was too much hot and cold. There were a lot of other characters that had a lot going on and maybe they will have their own books, but it was a bit much. All in all it was not my cup of tea .

3 and a half

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