The Exposure by Tara Sue me(review post)

Published October 25, 2016 by bookbesties


She’s ready for her close-up. . . .
Meagan Bishop gave up modeling after an ill-fated tryst with a sexy photographer left her career and heart in shambles. When that same sexy shutterbug makes a titillating offer to do a BDSM spread for his new photography book, she’s determined to refuse—until an anonymous blackmailer entices her to accept. Now her body is again at the whim of the man who broke her heart, and she’s finding his strong direction undeniably intriguing. . . .

Meagan is the muse Luke needs to make his shoot something special, even if it means keeping his hands off her. But each new erotic scene they capture makes it harder to ignore his need to command her in the bedroom as well as in the studio.

As their sexual tension explodes, Meagan’s arrangement with her extortionist becomes more perilous, putting in danger her darkest secrets and the fragile passion between Luke and her. . . .

When I first read the description I thought; Suspense mixed in with a little erotica/BDSM  is a recipe for a great book! and at first I was all in, A relationship that never took off before was potentially getting  a second chance to blossom. Maybe. That  is if the secret that Megan is trying to protect won’t hurt their chances! The only reason for her to keep going is to find out  who is behind the secret demands. The chemistry with her and Luke was palpable and the scenes were hot, but sadly after that this is were it lost me a bit, it got a little draggy and I found myself stopping a lot throughout reading it. Fantastic read, just not for me.

3 and a half

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