The Hardest Hit by Jennifer Fusco(Review Post)

Published September 21, 2016 by bookbesties


In the latest Ringside novel from the author of Going the Distance, the most carefree member of Stamina Gym in Las Vegas finds that maybe his career ending injury is a stroke of luck after all… 

Trevor Redding has two families: the boxers at Stamina Gym boxers and the dancers at The Gentlemen’s Club, where he works as a bouncer. So when one of the dancers is attacked, he is quick to protect her, and winds up landing in the hospital himself. Being his own boss, he’s not interested in what Dr. Chelsea Fox has to say, no matter how stunningly beautiful she is. Concussion or no, he has the biggest fight of his career coming up. Everyone at Stamina is counting on him. But when Chelsea discovers that he’ll do anything to fight, including hiding his diagnosis, she decides to show her roguishly handsome patient just how tough she can be—and just how rewarding it is to follow this doctor’s orders.


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I was on the fence about this book because when I first started to read it II did not think I would enjoy it.. Trevor works at a club but does fights and trains daily, fighting is something that he loves until that something is jeopardized after a night of trying to help out a friend. Then we meet Dr. Fox who he meets at the hospital and soon she has his fighting destiny in her hands! She can make or break his dreams. So naturally, the chemistry is hot from the start! Trevor is a charmer! When you love something so much but are endangered of never being able to do what you love again you have this passion and that passion bleed through on the pages. I found myself willing and hoping beyond hope that Trevor gets his destiny! This is as much as I have rooted for a book character in a long time. Overall a four star read for me!

stars 4


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