Heavy Soul by Shey Stahl(Review Post)

Published May 3, 2016 by bookbesties

heavy soul

Dragged down by thick blackened clouds, two people are destined to find one another on a two-lane highway with the simple curve in the road.
He’s trapped between a world he used to know and a girl he’s supposed to save.
She just wants to be lost… in nothing… in anything but the devastating reality she is now faced with.

Full length Young Adult Romance for ages 15 and up.

This book took me totally by surprise. I went in not knowing anything, as I frequently like to do with new to me authors. So I got comfy and was all set to read a love story and then got to the middle was left mad, not the real kind of mad thought, but the fake i had to put the down for a minute or two kinda mad. I wanted to give up but I wanted to see how this all played out. This book as a slight paranormal feel to it, which I didn’t expect. it was a good thing because it gave me hope that the book would end HEA. This is a love story, and then it’s not. This is YA so while there is reference to sex, there is no sex(YA People). I did find myself lost a few times with some explanations but the way Shey wrote the ending made up for that mild confusion. I did thoroughly enjoy this book and wish that it wasn’t a stand alone, not that i’d want more about the two main characters but I’d want different people in similar settings. I thought the way Shey told this story was unique and interesting and it will make you really look at your significant other, wondering if they or you are each other’s ‘Heavy Soul.’
Great story!

stars 4


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