Hurt Me: a Me novel cover reveal

Published February 2, 2016 by bookbesties

In the highly anticipated continuation of Harley and Deklan’s story comes an equally gripping novel.



What happens when you wake up from the nightmare that you’ve been living? Do you start living a happy normal life, one that you’ve always dreamed of, or do you start a new nightmare?
Harley did it. She survived, thanks to Deklan, but now…she is left with hard truths and different emotions; what she thought was the end, was only the beginning. Harley has to navigate through these changes while deciding on who she is and where she fits in Deklan’s life because she is coming to learn that when someone saves you, even from yourself, you hero worship them. You hero worship them so much they become your everything. Their wants turn into your needs, their needs into your obsessions, their obsessions into your life. Finally you come to a point where this worshiping, this obsession, will either heal you or hurt you.
Will Harley be healed from her past or hurt by it?



Excerpt:( Mature audience)

“Don’t do that shit.” I warned. “Don’t twist this. My brother’s on the couch and I don’t want him to hear you scream my name when I lick you here.” I cupped her sex, massaging her still wet opening making her grind her ass on my erection. “Or when I fuck you here.” I rubbed the pad of my thumb over her bottom lip, pulling it down slightly.  I doubt she knew how insane she was making me, how her not knowing how sexy she was made her even sexier. I was well aware of her aversion to letting me fuck her mouth, I asked once and she shut that shit down quick, don’t mean I wasn’t gonna try every time I got.

“No one gets to hear that shit but me.” Yup, I was very fucking aware of how I was sounding like a possessive dick but I didn’t give a shit. I wanted to ruin her for everyone else, so that she would only ever be able to fit here, with me.

“Matt?” She asked wide eyed, either from the promise of my words, or from shock.

“Do I have another brother?” I cupped the back of her neck bringing her to me and nipped her lower lip unable to not fucking touch her and still aware I was being a dickhead, but I was hyped up and it wasn’t helping the matter that she was still grinding her ass on me moaning slightly and shit. It was like me being an asshole got her wetter. Fuck.

“Har…” I started, placing my hand on her hip to still her movements.

“Deklan, please.” She moaned, placing her hand on the one I had between her legs, pushing it down hard on her clit. I couldn’t fuck her, not like I really wanted to, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t give her what I knew she needed.

I removed my hand, gripped her panties and quickly ripped them off, grabbed her hips and pushed her down slightly so that the lips of her pussy sandwiched my dick over my boxers and began moving her over it. She bucked against my hand as I massaged her clit with my thumb, teasing her as my dick swelled with the friction. She was so fucking soaked it plastered my boxers to my dick, the friction causing the head to slip through the slit. She moaned louder at the small contact her pussy had with my dick, moving faster. My dick jumped when it hit her hot opening, and I fought like hell to not slip all the way in.

“Babe.” I warned. I was true as shit, no one got to hear her come apart but me but her trying to be quite almost made me say fuck it. I loved the fact that she couldn’t be quite, like she had to scream how good it was. How good we were together. That was a fucking ego buster if there ever was one.

“I can’t help it.” She said on a breath as I rubbed her clit harder. Her on top of me, jacking off my dick with her pussy was the best fucking sight I ever saw. She arched her back, placing her hands on my chest, rubbing faster and faster, wiggling when our sexes met, trying to get more of me inside her. I was so hard it was painful, my balls drew up tight and I knew I was close to exploding. Her face contorted in bliss and her body suddenly went still, “oh, fuck, fuck, fuck.” She whisper chanted, her come soaking me and I took that opportunity to dip the head of my dick in her heat and pushed her further over the edge, and I was right fucking behind her. I pulled out with minutes to spare and watched with her as I blasted on my stomach. Shiiiiiiiit, I wanted more of her, I wanted to own her and if I didn’t get my shit together soon so that I could, I was going to go fucking crazy.

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About the Author:


Jeri Williams lives a super fabulous lifestyle (by fabulous, she mean’s kinda lame) in the hot Florida sun and loves reading of any kind (except instruction manuals and cereal boxes). She has always written stories and made her family listen to them since she was young, although this is her first book she has ever published. She is a mom of an up-and-coming Jerry Seinfeld (in girl form) and also enjoys being right and knowing everything, although she is hardly ever right and really doesn’t know anything and is obsessed with inventing miniature zoo animals you can carry around in your pocket (although not really).

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