Autumn Thorns (Whisper Hollow #1) by Yasmine Galenorn (Review post)

Published November 10, 2015 by bookbesties


Fifteen years ago, I ran away from Whisper Hollow, Washington, a small town on Crescent Lake in the Olympic Peninsula. But truth is, if you were born here, you can never really leave. I’m Kerris Fellwater, and when I returned, I inherited my grandmother’s house—and her gift. As a spirit shaman, it’s my responsibility to drive the dead back to their graves, because around Whisper Hollow, people—and secrets—don’t always stay buried.

When I was little, I was told my mother ran off. But now it looks like she was murdered. With the help of my mysterious neighbor Bryan, we begin to unravel the mystery of her disappearance, and in doing so, unearth a dark force seeking to bury Whisper Hollow. Now I must work with the dead, rather than against them, because our enemy will do whatever she can to destroy the town, and she means to start with me.

Autumn Thorns is a wonderful book with an interesting plot.  I don’t personally think that I will read any sequel, but that would be because ghosts and spirits kinda freak me out; Shadow Man, yeeaaughh!  This book is so well put together that I got chills at some points and could not read in bed at night, which I love to do.  Kerris embraced her destiny and kept her personality with her to lead her through it.  If she had “changed due to circumstance” I don’t think she would be as successful as she was.  She has a support system and takes advantage of it in a way you don’t see in too many highly powerful/magical heroines.  She doesn’t “I’m the chosen one to stand alone” anything and accepts help as she can.

This book has some nice detail to it, Yasmine Galenorn put some thought into her supernatural world that shows through it its layers.  Thank you for this book , I really enjoyed it.

4stars white


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