YURI (New Adult College Biker Romance) By Marian Tee (Review Post)

Published September 23, 2015 by bookbesties

YURI (New Adult College Biker Romance)

His name was Yuri Athanas.
They called him the golden boy of the Afxisi, a college org during the day and an underground racing club at night.
Like his brothers, Yuri was rich, powerful, gorgeous, and devastatingly sexy.
Unlike his brothers, Yuri did not leave a trail of broken hearts behind him.
Yuri was the angel amidst all the other Greek devils, they said.
I liked hearing that about him. It gave me hope that when we do meet again, he would remember his promise, and he would keep it.
He would take one look at me and he wouldn’t mind that I wasn’t…okay.
He wouldn’t mind I wasn’t…normal.
If he was everything I prayed he would be, he’d take one look at me and love me, like he had promised.

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This was the first time i have read anything by this author and i didn’t have any expectations, but i still found myself pleasantly surprised! It’s the 7th book in a series so it reads as if you know the characters already BUT it also reads well for a standalone. Yuri and Kalliope(Kallie) are the oddest of couples but it works for them. I loved seeing the interaction with them and it was a bit confusing as to if he belonged to a MC club or just a popular club with hot guys only and if it was an on campus club or what. Again, it would have been beneficial for me to read the entire series(which I plan to go back and do), however the chemistry was good and it was a little romance mixed with a little dirty sex made for a great weekend read! I did find that the ending was super rushed and you were left with a ton of open questions,which I understand will be addressed in the next book, but still! Not a cliffhanger more like a WTF, but I will still read more by this author because I liked her overall voice and uniqueness she brings to her books.

3 and a half

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