Wickedly Wonderful

Published December 7, 2014 by bookbesties


This was my first Baba Yaga novel, but Wickedly Wonderful was a very enjoyable book.  It looks like a typical love story with some supernatural aspects thrown in but was surprisingly about the issues at hand, solving the problem, and saving the people affected.

Beka is a resilient, independent, extraordinarily powerful creature that has amazing responsibilities.  She has a ditzy blond side that drives me crazy, but it adds to her character development.  I like that she didn’t fall all over the Selkie Prince and his charming ways.  There was no fawning or giving up morals and powers to get someone who “cherishes” her like no one ever has.

Of course, my absolute favorite character, Chewie; who doesn’t love a dragon?  Especially one with such snark that naturally comes to his vocabulary.  He takes his job duties very seriously, is extremely loyal, and he brings the expected comedic relief to the book while interjecting some seriously needed common sense.

Marcus is also not your typical Prince Charming.  He is gruff and clumsy in his shows of affection and is not afflicted by “love at first sight” with the skinny, blonde, surfer girl.  He grows to care about her and eventually falls in love.  He wins Beka over by being himself and not changing into a smooth talking Don Juan that poisons her with every bite.  He has his own problems and does not once give in everything for a woman.

I am looking forward to the next book and even looking into going out to find the first book to read more into the Baba Yaga world.

4.5 stars.


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