Undead and Wary By Mary Janice Davidson

Published October 14, 2014 by bookbesties

Undead and Unwary (Undead, #13)

Vampire queen Betsy “don’t call me Elizabeth” Taylor is back – and there’s going to be Hell to pay – in MaryJanice Davidson’s New York Times bestselling series . . .

Following on from Undead and Unsure, Betsy Taylor is back in the hit paranormal series chock full of wit, sass and a little bit of romance……

My Review

I have finished reading Undead and Unwary and first thing, Mary Janice Davidson is amazing with her character development.  I have been with Betsy and Sinclair from the beginning and love them still.  This book however was a little rough to get through.  The story line itself felt like Betsy’s reticence in getting to hell.  It took the entire book to reach the destination and for the outcome to take recognizable shape.

I enjoyed how each characters personality is still recognizable from when we were first introduced but the growth that each has attained is identifiable and does not take away from who they are.  Tina and Marc growing closer together, Sinclair embracing, accepting, and delighting in his new found freedom from religious artifacts and blasphemous verbage, and the  life that Jessica and Dick-not-Nick has built.

The book overall is enjoyable and definitely is a step to take along the path with Betsy, but I do not see this book becoming a must read or developing a yearning to read it over and over.

I give this book 3.5 stars.


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