Ocean Submerged(take 2) by M.A.DeOlmos

Published June 25, 2014 by bookbesties

new ocean


Twenty-seven year old Ocean Hawthorne thought he’d known loss and pain when his twin sister Stormie died. It was his fault the world would no longer see her beautiful smile or hear her captivating laughter. The former world champion in the vicious world of MMA fighting thought he’d been through the worst and has now carried that guilt and pain with him since.

Then he met Livie Acosta. The moment he laid his eyes on the exotic beauty, he was hooked. In that split second of looking into her wild and hurt eyes, his heart began to beat again. He knew then that he would never be able to let her go… but was that the right thing for him to do? Because yet again, Ocean found himself surrounded by a familiar darkness, a pain so strong that even breathing hurt, and living felt impossible. He’d pushed too far in the effort to love and help her, and now… now he didn’t know if he’d ever see her again.

Lawrence Hawthorne has been through the ringer when it came to hurt and disappointment, but nothing could have prepared him for the possibility of losing Livie. He’d just found her and now—well, now he didn’t know what to think. To him, Livie was more than just a girl, more than just a friend. To Law, Livie was someone he needed to help and protect, even from herself, and he’d failed that simple task.

Will the Hawthorne cousins who have sworn to protect Livie survive her selfish act, or will they crumble, yet again?


The way Oceans Collide left off with you know Livie going all ‘I cant take life anymore’ I was pumped to see what would happen, would she make it, would she not what if Ocean never forgave her, will she ever forgive herself? So many questions and while some were answered some where a nice Segway into the next book. Ocean looses himself in this book and while he is trying to deal with Liv and the aftermath of what she did he is also faced with old demons he thought long gone. Everything that happened with his sister brings a tremendous amount of guilt flooding to the surface after seeing Liv do what she did. While I don’t want to give too much away I will say that this book was a lot better (IMO) than the first, while the first kept me reading and wanting to know what happen this book kept me glued to the pages. I read and got so wrapped up in the characters lives that it was well into the late night before I put it down!

We also find that new love is blossoming as well as new battles to be fought not just with Ocean and Live but with Law as well. I had very mixed feeling about Law in the first book I was very ‘Dude, why are you up Liv’s ASS all the time, that’s Oceans girl’ but mainly that was because I fell in love with Ocean right away. He’s just so dreamy, in a back off or I will break your face kind of way. He makes me all

 In this book you see a whole new side to Law, he may have finally found his one true love, and that made me like him a lot more, not as much as Ocean but then well I love the Ocean. I saw a different side of Law, and while he is protective of Livie, he is even more so with his love interest. This book to me was a lot more into the feelings of each person and they all deal with the aftermath of what Liv did in different ways and as they try to come to grips with it are faced with new challenges like crazy families, crazy hospital workers and past demons. Melissa did tease us with  a ‘soft’ cliff hanger which means that it’s not as bad as the first one but you are still left like  ‘OMG what is going to happen next?’ BUt it’s don in such a way where you wont have to stalk her, like I sometimes do, looking for a hint of what’s next.

Melissa did a great job with this one and I can’t wait to read the third book and fourth book!

**I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest and fair review****

4 out of 5 stars!

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