Moonlight by Lisa Kessler

Published October 19, 2013 by bookbesties

I love para-romance books and since reading the Twilight saga(yes, I know) I tend to lean more towards the vampire para-romance because, you know Vampires are hot. We all watch TVD so…

And while I am not a fan of the cover (only because it’s not a front shot)I still found this book amazing.  I had read maybe three books about Werewolf’s when Moonlight came across my way. And can I just say wow! Lisa Kessler did an amazing job with mixing romance with paranormal and not have it come off too paranormal. I tend to try and  stay away from the books told in dual POV’s and I’m glad I didn’t know that it was otherwise I may not have been so inclined to read it right away, but I’m glad I did.  This one was done rather well; I think I loved Adams POV better. I loved how Kessler ‘s version of werewolves distinguished between the person and the wolf making for an interesting inner struggle. There were a lot of conflict going on , within the first two chapters there was so much that happened that  I just knew the book was going to be jam-packed with greatness. There was so much the characters struggled with , Adam with himself, Adam with his family, Adam with Lana, Lana with herself, just a whole lotta struggle, which made for a great page turner. And the romance was…

 If you thought Vampire romance was hot, wait until Werewolf romance! I really can’t wait for the next book in the series which comes out Monday!  Kessler is on my list for  great para-romance authors, if you have not read anything by her I highly recommend you start with Moonlight!

4 out of 5 stars


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